This Christian leadership principle always brings you more peace.

I’m John Kuypers. I am a leadership coach. I help clients solve difficulties that are stealing their peace. I use just one CORE Christian principle. It is powerful and life-changing. Of course it works! Jesus said it would.

It is called the First Rule of Inner Peace. Every day, my clients need to make important decisions about their business and, even moreso, about their personal and family life. Sourced in Matthew 7:5, it always brings you peace, no matter what outcomes you get.

If you apply this principle, you will be blessed with more peace, deeper spiritual wisdom and surprising courage. You will see clearly what you need to do and feel trusting that what happens next is what is supposed to happen. The result will give you ‘the peace that surpasses all understanding.’ (Phil 4:7)

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1. More peace with your Self (54)

II. More peace with a Loved one (28)

III. More peace with God (32)

IV. More peace with a colleague or friend (44)