About John Kuypers

John Kuypers, Leadership Capacity Coach

John Kuypers, Leadership coach, author, speaker, workshop leader

I am a leadership coach.  In my early thirties, I was deeply conflicted about many things in my life and I wanted relief. One day, I blacked out on the family room floor from accumulated stress. That was the moment I realized I could die. A year later, I left my career as a corporate vice-president and stumbled into a life-long journey that became deeply spiritual and Christian. That was some twenty years ago.

Along the way, I learned how to conquer the inner conflicts weighing me down.  Foolishly, I thought I could do this on my own! I quickly discovered I was far too weak.  I needed strength from somewhere bigger than me. I found that strength in Jesus. His teachings are brilliant and sensible, yet upside-down from convention. His presence is vibrantly real if you fully let him into your life.

I rely on one particular teaching that I call the Leadership Principle of Right Judgement – “First take the plank out of your own eye and then you will see clearly how to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7:5) I have written five books that teach leadership lessons on how to resolve conflict in order to resolve difficult issues within yourself or with others.

My clients run family businesses, partnerships and not-for-profits.  Relationships matter and frustrations can run high.  I help them find clear, practical answers to complex, unhappy situations that threaten the success of their organization or their family life.  I coach my clients with tools and techniques that solve practical problems.  I also speak at leadership and Christian events and run teaching workshops to give my skills to others. Lastly, I am developing on-line courses that let you acquire these life-saving, spiritually-grounded skills for yourself or your group.

Thanks for checking out my work. If you want to get better at making right judgments about people you can’t fire, subscribe to my blog on the right. Check out my books. Or contact me about private coaching.

May the peace of Christ be with you,

:-) John