John’s 120+ teachings

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Welcome.  I serve leaders facing family and business trials that stretch their leadership and spiritual capacity. There are more than 120 postings across four categories. They are designed to help you resolve troubles in your key relationships with self, loved ones and God. Explore this site by clicking on the down arrow in the left menu to see the categories OR click on a keyword in the ‘Search by Topic’ tag cloud. Large fonts means more postings on that topic. You can also find a selection of random postings at the bottom of this page and the home page.

  1. Right judgement and leadership skills are techniques that impact others.  Each of them helps you find peace first before taking action. When understood and properly used, they are effective and long-lasting.
  2. Right judgement and your self is about self-awareness. You have to surrender the ways you have lied to yourself, rationalized your behaviour and failed to admit or acknowledge your words and deeds. Jesus called this being a hypocrite. You need to embrace having ‘nothing to hide.’
  3. Right judgement and loved ones is about self-acceptance. When you examine painful hurts from other people, you discover self-acceptance of your own faults. This ‘removes the plank in your eye’ so that you can see clearly what to do in response to emotionally-charged situations at work and at home. You need to embrace having ‘nothing to prove.’
  4. Right judgement and your soul is about control and surrender. When you discern and obey God’s will for you, your self-identity changes because you give away things that are core to your being. You need to embrace having ‘nothing to lose.’ This is the deepest level of change and most resisted by all of us. It is every leader’s greatest constraint in expanding their leadership capacity.