Twitter is hot with teens, especially teenage girls.  They tweet as if they have nothing to hide, revealing mind, heart and soul for all the world to see.  What will this remarkable transparency mean for her and all humanity?  The screenshot below is from this morning.  Read from the bottom up.

This young woman is smoking a joint at 5am.   “Late night tokes.”  She posts a link to a picture of a joint in her hand.  See the second pic below the screen shot.  Her next posting, “Annnnnd, I got caught” had a picture of herself posted but she subsequently removed it.  Within the hour, she is in despair.  “Nothing has ever hurt so much.”

Then comes a big bomb. “Slowly coming to the conclusion that I am a fuck up and unlovable.”

Followed by, “Never have I felt so broken.”

Her Twitter background pic speaks loudly to a theme I often see in young women. They know the power of their sexuality and they dangle it like forbidden fruit. “CAN’T TOUCH THIS” is splayed across her buttocks.

She posts anywhere from four to nineteen times an hour.  In 24 hours, she posts 148 times.

Earlier, she makes witty comments, some about others, some about herself. “Going home to be naked, high and drunk by myself.”

Next tweet, “Once I have what I want, I don’t want it anymore.”  An hour later, “Tell me one of your dirty little secrets.”  Provocative.  Four tweets later, “H.O.R.N.Y.”

An hour later, she retweets another teenage girl: “Eyebrow gaps>thigh gaps”   Heavy beliefs about what’s beautiful vs ugly.  Same hour, “I wonder what everyone’s first impression of me is.”  Followed by, “Boooored”

One more hour passes and she posts a picture of a her lovely hand holding the top of an empty clear bottle of Smirnoff Ice.  That same hour, she draws another conclusion about how life works: “Can’t just forgive people who were your best friends yet still fucked you over.”

“I love when people tell me they adore my tweets… :-)”  We all like a pat on the back.

“I always date guys who don’t have phones and it always annoys me.”  I bet!

“Like…You’ve sent me five messages and they are all sexual.  No bro.”  She shows clear boundaries.  But did she entice this guy’s sexual interest with her earlier tweets?  Sexuality is a slippery slope.

A few minutes later, “I love my ass and my hips.”  Then, “Just got mind-fucked.”  Two hours later (a slow period – a few minutes sleep maybe??) “I love it when you kiss me.” and “My baby rolls me blunts.”  More weed. “And you still hate me even though I tried.”  Victim-speak.

At no time does an hour pass without her making at least four tweets.




“Stop asking me if I’m okay when I”m not.”

“I want to be madly in love with someone.”

Never before in the history of mankind has a person’s thoughts and feelings been so publicly transparent.   Her emotions and self-esteem rise and fall like twenty foot ocean rollers, at once cocky and in despair.  Reading her tweets, you want to help her, smarten her up or just give her a hug.

Don’t be fooled.  I’ve tried, though not with her.  She wants nothing, especially from a stranger, though a supportive comment is sometimes suspiciously appreciated.  In reality, she is chasing what all humans want for themselves:  affirmation of her existence. “I AM!” she is screaming in not so subtle undertext.

She is validating her existence and Twitter is enabling her.  I believe this is a good thing.  We all want to know, “Who am I? Why do I exist?”  Twitter is a mirror and reactions from others are treasured feedback, even if annoying or upsetting.

Living as if you have nothing to hide changes a person.  It will change humanity.  Exactly how, remains to be seen.  We’ll know in twenty years. Or sooner.