What drives you? What lifts you up, inspires you and gives you deep satisfaction? If it is achieving great things, you will inevitably be disappointed.   Most of us achieve in order to receive a reward – recognition, money and satisfaction.  We work hard. We get a result we value greatly. Then we feel at peace.  Results first, peace second.  But without the rewards, would you do the achievements?

What about the reward of inner peace?  Where does peace fit on your list of desired achievements?  If we look carefully at why we strive to achieve things in life, we see that peace is always our underlying aim.  It is the goal that sits under all other goals.   We want to be accepted and appreciated and we believe that we need the right house, career, family and lifestyle to achieve that.

This makes our inner peace dependent on other people.  Their approval and acceptance drives us.  We know this to be true when one of these important pillars falls apart.  When our marriage crumbles, our job disappears or a close friend turns against us, anxiety comes roaring in like an untamed beast.  These are the life-sized challenges that often instigate us to look inside ourselves.

What do we see when we look inside?  We see mind, heart and soul.  Along with our bodies, they make up the four pillars of our humanity.  To have inner peace, we need to be at peace with all four.

Is your mind at peace? Or is it racing frantically from one thought to another, obsessing and analyzing about life’s difficulties.

Is your heart at peace?  Or is it weighed down with the burdens of hurt feelings, lost dreams and worrisome fears of the future.

Is your soul at peace?  Or do you feel unclear about your life’s purpose and what you were born to do on this planet?

Inner peace is never done.  It never sits like a trophy on your wall.  It only exists in the present.  Yesterday’s peace is gone.  Tomorrow’s peace is a dream.  Today’s peace is real – not like an umbrella over your day, but rather like the sun shining on your face in this present moment.

I started my spiritual journey towards inner peace nearly twenty years ago.  I call it my Inner Peace Mission.  Along the way, I leaned on one spiritual teaching from Jesus – the Sacred Law of Inner Peace.  If you are ready to make inner peace a daily goal for you, you will find this principle helpful.

Be forewarned, however.  It is upside-down.  It is, Peace first, results second.  It is not the other way around.  To have inner peace, we must want it more than the result and the achievement we desire.  Paradoxically, we discover that we achieve better, perform better and relate better.

Being at peace makes us a better human being.  We get both inner peace and often the results we desire but no longer depend on.  More importantly, we see clearly what we need to do to make things right when facing life-sized challenges. We come from a place of love and not fear.  We  are blessed with inner peace when we trust that He will make all things right.

NOTE:  If inner peace is a priority in your life, you may wish to go on your own inner peace mission.