As I have let go of most things in my life, I have become filled with Him.  He occupies my mind, my heart, my soul.  With non-judgment, my mind is clear.  My troubles are few, though they would seem large to my peers.  The Lord has been faithful to me in every crisis and in every way.  Though I had no idea where each issue would end up, He always met my bodily needs and grew my mind, heart and soul.  Indeed, my body is far healthier than most of my peers.  An untroubled mind has that affect on the body. I feel serenity, most of the time.

I have accepted that my path is not the path of others.  His will for me has nothing to do with you.  Yet, you can touch me and I can touch you.  My thoughtless neighbour is my opportunity to grow in grace.  Those who would hurt me are my opportunity to love my enemies, as Jesus asked.  My dying to self in order to lift my wife, has been rewarded a thousand times over by her amazing response.  Yes, it took nine years of concerted effort.  Few have the stamina. But in Jesus, I can do all things. And so can you.  You can read about my experience in this article: Near and Far Get Married.

Be obedient.  God is trustworthy but you can only deeply know that in your bones, when you put yourself in that weak, vulnerable position for Him to reveal it in His way and in His timing.  Financially vulnerable. Relationally vulnerable.  Emotionally and mentally vulnerable.   The secret to my spiritual journey has been to practice Jesus’ teaching from Matthew 7:5. When you do, you will be still and you will know He is God. Then you will surprise yourself at how strong he can make you. (2 Cor 12:10)