This seems so obvious that it is embarrassing for me to admit that I never realized it until I was 38 years old. Ready? This is it:

“You can only say or do something real in the present moment.”

Duh. Of course! Like, can I do something yesterday? No way. How about tomorrow? Hmmm, that tripped me up. I thought I could do something tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes, as they say. So I can’t do something tomorrow either. Tomorrow is just a hope and a dream.

That leaves us with today. Not even just today. This moment really. Making choices, moment by moment on what to say or do, including doing nothing!

Once you get this, you start to realize you are in charge of your choices, because you get to respond to the ups and downs of life in whatever way you want. Thus, if you want a result, you have to act now.

Not that you’ll get the whole result now. That would be fantasy land. No, it means you take a step forward now. I call it “leadership by the inch.” It comes from this simply little ditty: “Leadership by the yard is hard, but by the inch, it’s a cinch!”

If you read Who’s The Driver Anyway?, you will see how this is applied in your real world. The end result…is better leadership results! You get others to get things done that you maybe were starting to believe could not and would not ever happen. Well, think again. You can do it – if you focus on what’s possible in this present moment.