Our world is full of unhappiness and mental health challenges.  It affects workplace productivity, family unity and personal well-being. the First Rule of Inner Peace is an upside-down spiritual principle first taught by Jesus that offers a real and practical solution.  This practical Christian teaching transforms how we see and respond to life’s difficulties.

“First get neutral about outcomes and then you will see clearly what to do.”

The First Rule of Inner Peace is an extra step you take when making a decision.  Like breathing, we make hundreds of decisions every day. When we are unhappy or anxious about the outcomes of our decisions, we trigger a negative stream of thoughts that bring us down, affect our mood and in severe cases, cause us to be depressed.

We give our selves this experience because we have a biased, prejudiced view of what “should” happen, in both large and small matters.  For example, you work hard and you think you should receive a promotion or pay raise.  Or, you pour a lot of love and energy into your love relationship and you expect certain responses from your mate.  When the future unfolds differently, you feel unhappy.

When bad things happen, the First Rule of Inner Peace helps us see new ways to respond to life’s difficult challenges. Getting neutral means looking at your problem and accepting all the possible outcomes that could happen.  You might get a raise…and you might not.  You might be loved in return…and you might not.  You might get to work on time…and you might not.  Your child might get an A in school… or she might not.

Most people are initially aghast at the idea of being neutral about what might happen next.  Their gut reaction is that it means we don’t care.  But that is not how Jesus’ ancient spiritual truth works. Instead, what happens is we see much more clearly what is the right thing for us to do in response to the issue at hand.  This gives us an unexpectedly high level of confidence in our decisions. We are led by the Spirit, not by our mind’s logic nor our heart’s emotions.

It is like shifting your car gear shift momentarily into neutral before choosing forward or reverse.  [P R N D 2 1 ]  We stop before we change direction.  This is how we see what we should do now to get the outcomes we want at work;  what you should say to your lover when he or she disappoints you, hurts you and even wants to leave you;  what you can do to help your child succeed in school.

The First Rule of Inner Peace is sacred.  It means we are opening our soul to let God participate in our decision-making.  In the stillness of being neutral, we connect to the Holy Spirit, deeper and wiser than our logical thinking or our whirlish feelings.

We quiet our mind and calm our heart of anxiety and upset.  Amazingly, when we get neutral about a troubling issue, that is exactly what happens.  Our racing mind stops and our adrenaline levels fall.  When practiced regularly, our actual heart health improves measurably. Our stress levels also tumble which is a great relief.

To learn more about the First Rule of Inner Peace, please download three free chapters of this 12 chapter book.   Once you try it, you will understand why it is so life-changing and positive.  You willsee that you have already used it without even knowing it!  The full book is available on all e-book platforms.

In his peace,

:-) John

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