“How deep is your love?”  So sang The Bee Gees in their famous hit song from the 1970s.  We often ask that question of God.  Do You really love me God?  If so, why don’t you answer my prayers?  Why do you let me suffer with losses that can seem too hard to bear? Is that Your idea of love?

Perhaps God is asking us the same question.  How deep is your love for Me?  What will you give up in order to have a deeper relationship with me, one where you rely on My strength and not your own?  This might be your health, your bank account or a deeply important relationship that is now in trouble.  Can we believe that more love is on the other side of the valley we are now in?

Though the tales of the handicapped often point to inspiring heroics, most of would rather keep our stable, ordinary lives by comparison.  Yet the yearning for love never ends and in its pursuit, we seek Him and then ultimately we must surrender to Him in order to feel His love for us.  Isn’t that what deep love is? A surrender, a vulnerability to let ourselves love and be loved.  Jesus showed us the way and we follow with trembling hands.  But in Him, we can do all things.  So let us not judge the life He is giving us, but rather in faith, accept it as His gift to us.