When you focus on being present, you are always as good as you can be.  Not perfect, but good. Darn good. Mentally sharp.  Physically sound.  Emotionally centered.  Spiritually anchored.  Tremendously good.  It’s a great feeling.  Once you’ve experienced it, you can’t go back.  You’re hooked, as I am hooked.

I enjoy it when I play sports.  I appreciate it when I have to make tough people decisions.  I value it when I need to speak or write in a leadership role.  Of course, I’m not always there, nor will I ever be.  I just know it when I have it, and seek to be there as often as I can.

A major barrier to being good, is knowing whether you are good enough.  Are you a good enough wife?  Husband?  Parent?  Are you a good enough employee, or employer?  How can you be sure?

Consequences, that’s how.  Someone delights in you, and you think you are good!  But if they are upset with you, you think otherwise. Then you don’t do what you know you need to do.  You shrink back.  You avoid, delay, deny, deflect…rationalize!  Letting consequences determine if you’re good, is not good.

How can you really be sure you’re present and good?  You feel centered when you make the decision, that’s how.  You do the work it takes to let go and let God, as the familiar phrase goes.  You test yourself.  If your anxiety flares up at the first bump in the road, you know you’re not there.  If things don’t work out later on, that doesn’t define if you’re good.  How can you know if today’s twist will lead to tomorrow’s blessing?

With experience, you learn that it can take months to know, and months to be ready.  You become patient.  It’s all in God’s timing, not yours.  The hardest thing in the world to do is to endure the present moment, waiting for the timing to be right.   Just ask someone trying to win over a friend, a lover or a client who is slow to respond.

Yet sometimes, the timing suddenly appears and your ability to act fast and decisively will make all the difference.  The time to speak up.  The time to change jobs.  The time to reach out.  The time to take a stand.

There is so much you cannot control in this world, from business dealings to people’s feelings.  What you can control, is how good you want to be.  And the time to be that good…is now.  It’s the only time any human being can act.  It all begins with deciding you want to be good, and that you’re willing to pay a price for the deep satisfaction you will feel.