Today, I want to give you a ‘thank you moment’ on our inner peace journey together.  Twenty years ago, I suffered a shock and awe moment that saw me hit the floor in a stressed-induced blackout.  That experience birthed my fifth book as it went on sale in the Amazon Kindle store this morning.  Many of you kindly helped me along the way and I want to give you something back as a thank you.  Hold that thought for a moment, however!

The FIRST RULE of INNER PEACE is a universal Christian spiritual practice that has carried me through a painful divorce, eight trips to court, a smoking addiction, a healed relationship with my dad (very special to me), a humbling return to my Christian faith, two reconciled separations in my current marriage (even more special) and six more years of working things out towards ever-deepening wedded bliss. Thank you Lord and thank you Joanne!  I ought to mention raising four kids that included some hair-raising and heart-breaking teenage moments, along with totally uncertain work life and finances. You have had your version of the same, I’m sure. Click here or on my picture below if you want to watch a short video of me speaking about my journey and this book.


Many of you, my friends and supportive readers, have read earlier versions of this book.  Over the past twelve months, there have been four complete re-writes, four different titles, over one hundred test readers, countless refinements and dozens of enthusiastic endorsements and suggestions.

Truly, this book has been blessed with many wise eyes, including a most faithful editor, Krysia Lear.  At the very end, one wise reader made a comment that prompted me (by the Spirit, I believe) to re-order 10 of the 12 chapters. That was a strange experience – to simply shuffle the chapters and see how the book read quite differently and much more sensibly too.  These are evidence of God’s ever-present presence in our lives if we are open to the promptings of the Spirit.

I can assure you with blood-stained fingers that the writer was wise who wrote, “I’m sorry I wrote you such a long letter.  I didn’t have time to write you a short one.”   The FIRST RULE OF INNER PEACE is concise and packed with stories and insights.  Part I is how we lose our peace. Part II is what gives us the daring to set our self free from unhappiness.  Part III is how to make things right.  Part IV is the pay-off in our well-being (huge). At only 120 book-sized pages, you will need less than two hours to read this book and fully understand this universal spiritual principle. Heck, you’ve already used it and didn’t even realize it!

By subscribing to my inner peace-focused blog, you are by definition on your own inner peace mission.  I feel honoured to walk together with you. I hope you will share your experiences with me and with others, as I am doing with you. This is a demanding spiritual journey and no one can do it alone. We are brothers and sisters, children of God. Let us support one another along the road in prayer and with courage, confidence and trust that He will make all things right if we include him in our daily decisions.

May the Lord bless you today and keep your family safe.