For many of us, we need a health disaster to wake us up to the reality that we are listening to our body, even when the message is screaming out loudly.  Vassilios Apostolopoulos is a lawyer who lost everything – his career, his wife, his money, his family – because he was a driven workaholic (like I once was), unconsciously suffering from sleep apnea.  He started making mistakes in his practice and was disbarred for two major errors.  It took 12 years from the time of his first symptoms to the time he got slammed enough to take action.

He took action only when he lost his license to practice law. He then reached out to a friend for help.  To his tremendous surprise, doctors discovered that he had sleep apnea. Once hooked up to a breathing machine, he regained his focus and mental well-being. He became centered again and in his case, the pathway was through centering his body.

Today, he has turned his life around at age 53.  It is never too late to wake up to the messages our body is telling us.  It is sad that it takes a health disaster to realize it. Lack of sleep can be that crisis.

You have to ask yourself, did Vassilios’ stressed out lifestyle cause the sleep apnea in the first place? It is very difficult to prove cause and effect relationships but one thing doctors agree on – stress causes your body to fall apart.

If your body is showing physical signs of falling apart that seem hard to explain, the odds are, you are not at peace with yourself in body, mind, heart and soul.  Your body is a powerful messenger that will tell you how you’re doing, sometimes in harsh and blunt ways.

I invite you to read this free chapter from from first book, What’s Important Now.  You can download Listen To Your Body here.  It is typically the first and most impactful entry point for us to notice that we are filled with inner conflict, torn between self-oriented goals of this world and our need to be true to our self – the person God created us to be.

When we do, we will see clearly what we need to do to get centered, grounded and back on track to becoming the person we like, not the person others expect us to be. That is the promise Jesus offered us in the First Rule of Inner Peace.  “First get neutral and then you will see clearly what to do.”   (Matthew 7:5) We need to become weak and only then do we find the spiritual strength we need to do the right thing.

Peace be with you today and always,

John †