Sometimes we lose our belly laugh.  It’s a big loss.  Can you remember your last one?  I once worked with a man who had an amazing belly laugh.  As he grew more and more successful, his laugh slowly disappeared. The weight of his responsibilities slowly crushed it.

Why does your belly laugh go away? This is why: you lost touch with your inner child.  You have forgotten how to be playful, loose and happy.

You didn’t start out that way. Just watch any two year old. Now THAT’S a belly laugh!

You were once like that too. What happened? The past happened.  Life happened and it got serious along the way.

When you get neutral about future outcomes, you get un-serious.  You get playful!  You return to the present – the only time and space when you can have a belly laugh.

A belly laugh brings you back to the present, free of past or future thoughts and worries.  It is healing in mind, body, heart and soul. When we trust the future to God and accept the past as over and done with, we set ourselves free. Learning how to not judge the present is the key to this. You can learn more about non-judgment for Christians here.

Want one instant way to get back your belly laugh?  Start listening to comedy radio.  You will quickly forget your troubles and feel great!