An exciting thing happened today. My new book arrived from the printer!  I started this book more than 14 months ago.  Many of you participated by reading early chapters under different titles like “The Spiritual Law of Serenity.”  I lost count of how many sub-titles I tested. Let’s not even talk about the more than fifty re-writes the book went through as it grew from 18,000 words to now over 32,000 words. Still, it is a short book – only 2 hours to read, although most people like to read it twice.

I am pleased with this book now called The First Rule of Inner Peace. It captures what I want spiritually-oriented people like yourself to know what the pursuit of inner peace looks like, feels like and demands from us. Whether you are a Christian or not, God loves us all. Feeling connected to his eternal love is so rewarding – but it comes at a price.

At one point when I thought the book was done, I realized the chapter order wasn’t flowing. I rearranged 4 key chapters out of the 12 and suddenly this complex topic flowed easily. I then added 4 “parts” to the book to make it even easier. These are, the Problem, the Awakening, the Practice and the Test. This is how our journey unfolds.

You have to get committed to inner peace to be successful, like most things in life. In this teaching, you learn that the key is simple: “Peace first, results second.” It is the opposite of the way we normally do things. We like to get the results we want first and only then are we at peace with tough situations.

Jesus’ sensible way to resolve inner conflict and be happy is far better. First of all, it works. Is your way working? Is getting angry, frustrated or anxious getting you what you want? I was thirty-eight when I finally realized I was hitting my head against a brick wall of unhappiness. When I seek peace first, I see more clearly what to do and I put it into action calmly yet persistently. I don’t get discouraged and thus I increase my chances of success. It’s only sensible.

Many fall by the wayside. My hope is that you will be one of those committed, for your own inner peace and capacity to wisely resolve troubles that leave you feeling conflicted. You don’t need me to tell you that it is our relationships that primarily rob us of our peace, although troubles like money certainly add to the challenge.

I am so committed to this teaching that I have started a new coaching and learning ministry called It is for people who want to resolve conflicts, take wise action and enjoy constantly growing inner peace. The First Rule of Inner Peace is a Christian spiritual practice. If you experience it just once, you will never want to go back to your old way of resolving troubles.

I invite you to read this book today. With endorsements from major Christian leaders like Jean Vanier, Greg Paul, Dr. Josie Lombardi and Dr. Chuck Crisco, along with many regular folks like you and me, you can be sure your mind, heart and soul will be moved. More importantly, the book is simply a powerful and worthwhile read.

If you want the printed book, go to to order it. You can also order it in Canada at The least expensive way is to order the ebook on-line at Amazon Kindle, Kobo and all other ebook platforms.

You will see me using the initials IPM after my name. This is an exciting part of the learning programs at It means I am an Inner Peace Missionary. Indeed, anyone who commits to practicing “peace first, results second” is an inner peace missionary. Our only mission is to resolve our inner conflicts so we can walk by the Spirit in peace. Graduates of the First Rule Inner Peace Course have permission to use these initials as a means to display their faith publicly.

Finally, I offer a prayer for you. In my Christian tradition, we celebrate Lent. It’s my favourite season of the year. I get to be a bit more self-less and move closer to God and his bottomless love for me, a weak man full of specks and blinded by planks in my eye. God loves me anyway and he loves you too. Jesus is the proof.

In his peace,