Remember kindness, they all love you.

Remember passion, it’s how you show up.

Remember to share your feelings, it’s how you best love them.

Remember giving, it’s a source of joy and not a sacrifice.

Remember judgments, theirs are not a reflection of you.

Remember accepting, your judgments do come back to you.

Remember aloneness, you are never alone – God loves you.

Remember boundaries, know them, stand for them and love others anyway.

Remember to be present, you choose your experiences in the moment.

Remember laughter, it lights up your life and all those around you.

Remember gratitude, you are knee deep in a river and there is no need to be thirsty.

Remember Leonardo DaVinci, “I thought I spent my whole life learning to live when really, I was learning to die.”

Remember your teacher who said, “Be gentle on yourself.  There is still more rubber on the road to come.”

Remember to let go, you don’t need to have a theory, let alone prove a theory.

Remember fear, it used to paralyze you. Now it is your doorway to love.

Remember happiness, it really is a choice.

– John Kuypers, 1997