When you are centered, you see clearly – other people and most importantly, yourself.  Being centered is what gives you the power to change, to adapt and to rise to life’s challenges!

When you can hear clearly the individual instruments in a song, you are centered.  When you can stay focused on the task at hand, gently pushing aside the complaining voice that wants to distract you, you are there.  When you can notice objectively the tiny thought that crept in about the hurt someone inflicted on you and see how it led to your emotions tanking, you are there.

When you are centered, you have no thoughts about yourself. Your body, mind, heart and soul are one with the moment you are in.  You can have this experience anytime, anywhere, doing anything. But there are doorways to get in and walls to keep you out.   The walls are the things you have to lose.    You have something to prove, something to hide, something to lose.  Fear of loss blocks you from being centered.

There are four doorways to getting centered.  Your body, mind, heart and soul.  When all four are open at once, you experience the full joy of being centered.  You’ve been there because you can remember the experience so clearly.  You were on vacation, with a lover, having a baby, playing a sport at your peak and a thousand other possibilities.

Your body is your most reliable entry point for getting centered.  The popularity of Yoga speaks to this, as does any demanding physical activity.  The activity does one thing – shut down your overly-busy mind.   If you lift weights, it is the last 2 or 3 reps that get you centered. If you do aerobic activities like spin cycling, it is the hard pushing that gets you centered.  These work fast, but they don’t last.

They are “coping techniques.”  They work and they are important.  You will soon feel the ill-effects of not doing them…unless you learn how to get centered in other ways.  Next time, we’ll talk about these.

In peace,