When you say ‘collaborate’, the thought that comes to mind is holding hands and making a decision with which everyone agrees. That mindset is fraught with peril.

To collaborate effectively, leaders need to understand that your team needs to agree on who gets to decide, not on who is making the right decision. I call this the “Decision Before The Decision.” Using The 7 Performance Drivers shared authority scale, every team member learns to decide who should decide. If you collaborate on that key question upfront, then final decisions are easy. This leads to rapid implementation without resistance. That’s why I am a collaborative decision-maker. It really works.

Democracy has worked this way for over two hundred years. We agree that whoever gets 51% of the vote, gets to make 100% of the decisions. We may not like it, but we accept it. That is the key to collaborative decision-making that is high-functioning.

The problem many leaders have is how to justify who gets to decide. The notion that “I’m the boss,” no longer cuts it with today’s workforce. Leaders need to re-think who gets to decide in light of fast-changing technologies and young workers who enter the workforce EXPECTING to have a say in key decisions.

This topic is thoroughly explored and answered in my book, “WHO’S THE DRIVER ANYWAY? Making the Shift to a Collaborative Team Culture.”

:-) John