1,220,000 people ask this question every month via Google: “What is serenity?”  Here are fifteen characteristics of serenity that will inspire and encourage you:

  1. You are not self-critical nor self-conscious.  You accept that you are good enough as you are now.
  2. You are physically relaxed.  You have no stress-induced body symptoms and your breathing and heart rates are low.
  3. You are mentally and emotionally centered.  You handle obstacles and mistakes as if they are normal (and they are…)
  4. You feel safe around people.   You do not feel threatened or insecure, even in large groups or with important people.
  5. You have faith in something bigger than you.  God is real for you and you know in your soul He is the well-spring and source of love.
  6. Your mind is in the present.  You are focused on what you want without mentally flitting, darting and getting distracted.
  7. Your memory is strong.  Things stick in your mind because you are mentally present, not absent!
  8. You are an excellent listener.  Since your mind is not pre-occupied, listening is a natural, easy task.
  9. You are flexible but not a doormat.  You know your boundaries and you live the Serenity Prayer.
  10. You say what you think.  You do so in a way that is real, authentic, kind and honest.
  11. People wonder about you.  After all, it’s not normal to enjoy serenity every day. You are okay with that.
  12. You are compassionately indifferent.  You are non-judgmental about people and events; instead, your first instinct is to be neutral and look for the best in others.
  13. You empathize with the pain of others.  This flows from being other-conscious, not self-conscious.
  14. You seek Peace first, results second:   You know this is the only way to resolve inner conflicts so you can see clearly what to do next.  Read about this spiritual teaching called The First Rule of Inner Peace.
  15. You are comfortable in your own skin.  Serenity feels good on the inside and it shows by the way you are comfortable with people in any circumstance or crowd.

 John Kuypers is an inner peace missionary and leaderhip coach.  He helps Christians work together better by applying Jesus’ First Rule of Inner Peace combined with modern management practices.  He is the author of five books.  Follow John on twitter @johnkuypers   Learn more about John’s work at http://innerpeacemission.org