I dreamed vividly overnight. I was in a conference room.  I was trying to get in to see the bishop.  As I waited, my turn arrived.  “Right after the break,” he smiled.  Great, I thought. I need to pee. I stepped into the hallway. There lay papers of mine. Flipping through them, a cross fell out. The whole time, I needed to pee.  I walked down the hall. As I was about to enter, an old flame of mine appeared. “Can I see you after the meeting is over?” She replied, “I’ve got to do some things right away. Can you wait an hour or so?”  I nodded and walked into the men’s washroom.  I peed. A strong, brownish stream crashed onto the side of the bowl.

Suddenly, I was playing second base. Our pitcher was doing well. I replaced him, lobbing in softies. Then he came back. They pounded him. I walked up to him. “What’s the score now?” he asked, giving me a wry look. “25 to 4.”  It had been 5 to 4. I took the ball from his hand. “I think you’re pitching too well. Let me see if I can mess them up.” When the first batter came up, I gave him the old orthodox zip ball.  Then I had to pee. Badly.

At that moment, I awoke with a start. My need to pee had penetrated my conscious mind. I got up and did the deed, with relief! One more inner conflict resolved satisfactorily. :-)

I believe that our body is often trying to tell us what we need to do. Stress is the most vivid indicator of this truth. What we are doing is not in alignment with what we want to be doing. Something needs to give. Ignoring these warning signs leads to permanent health troubles. Our stomach is often the first line of communication. So is our breathing. These body signs are what we numb out in order to quell our inner noise. We drink, smoke, get overly busy and distract ourselves with the internet.

Joanne and I met a 30-something couple in Halifax on Sunday. They plan to get married. I joked with her about having seven kids. She replied with a stern look, “No kids for us! A dog is all we want.” Her boyfriend agreed with her a little too enthusiastically.  The look on her face made me wonder if she was being true to herself.

Our mind can easily over-ride our inner desires, suppressing them in order to please others or chase dreams and fantasies of our own creation. Their fantasy was to move to the south of France, a dream they appeared committed to living out. I smiled at them. I once had that fantasy – the idea that I would be happier if I lived somewhere more exotic. Thankfully, I came to terms with that inner conflict.

On another note, for those of you who are Bachelorette fans, my prediction proved to be correct! Andi chose Josh, proving to me that she is indeed Near and that he is Far.  Opposites attract. You can count on that truth. Now all you need to know is how to recognize if you’re Near or Far!  For Andi and Josh, a lifelong challenge has begun. I wish them well.  All the Hollywood glitz is a hindrance but I have a feeling these two actually have a good chance, unlike most couples from this contrived and unlikely television show.