We love to complain when doing more than our fair share of the workload.  It leads us to feel victimized by a higher authority who isn’t seeing the injustice imposed upon us.  But Jesus refused to tell Mary to help her complaining sister Martha.  He said, “Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

The injustice is anchored in our perception that we have something to lose, something existential.  We receive this injustice as an indictment of our self-worth.  “Why me?” we cry out.  “Why am I afflicted and she is not?”   We will never have peace until we don’t take out injustices personally. Jesus drove this point home in the parable of the vineyard workers (Mt 20). The last one hired was paid the same as the one who worked all day.  Life is not to be compared to those around you, hard as that may be to actually do.

When we have nothing to lose, we don’t see life as a comparative competition versus others.  It is between God and you.  How God treats others is not for us to judge.  This results in our having the Jesus Attitude where we freely accept the choices life gives us, even if they are not the choices we wish to have been given.