Books by John Kuypers

books-five-Nov2014John’s popular books are packed with vivid stories and clear principles that readers love and use right away.  Much loved by people seeking to conquer life’s troubles in peace and inner harmony – mind, body, heart and soul.  Purchase your copy by clicking here.


What’s Important Now offers readers six ways to shed the past and live in the present by being authentic in your daily life.  W.I.N. includes more than twenty tools and techniques. Each chapter is backed up with personal, specific and fascinating stories that help readers be present…now.   A top-seller with excellent reviews.

 The Non-Judgmental Christian is a powerful, spiritual book that is often claimed by readers to be among the top 2 books they’ve ever read for changing their life.  TNJC reveals how the Jesus Attitude of nothing to hide, nothing to prove and nothing to lose add up to five lessons that transform your relationships, especially the one with yourself.  Highlights the hidden ways our judgments distort our thinking and harm our relationships. Over 120 scriptural support quotes.  Endorsed by pastors and non-Christians alike.  The ground-level guide to living the Sacred Law of Inner Peace.

Who’s The Driver Anyway? is Canada’s leading business book on building a collaborative and transparent decision-making culture.  It is aimed at owners of mid-sized companies and executives in larger companies.  Published by Canada’s largest HR publisher, Carswell, WTDA teaches leaders how to shift the decision-making culture in an organization from command & control to collaboration.  Highly regarded by managers and executives looking to improve teams and strengthen personal accountability and performance excellence.

The First Rule of Inner Peace is Jesus’ sensible way to be happy when facing troubling issues.  Based on Matthew 7:5, you have already used this spiritual principle and didn’t even realize it.  Endorsed by Christian leaders from all faiths, this ebook is powerful, short and available on any device. E-BOOK ONLY.

How Near and Far STAY Married is John’s innovative short book on how to conquer life’s greatest love relationship.  Couples are caught in an inescapable power struggle.  It is part of God’s design but it can be hurtful and destructive until you understand what causes it and what to do. Practical and life-changing, this small book captures the deepest part of John’s soul-changing work to be at peace even when our loved one doesn’t love us the way we want. E-BOOK ONLY

Comfortable in Your Own Skin is an easy to read 75 page e-book that introduces John’s life-changing 12 Doorways to Present Living. Each doorway is dramatized by 8 to 10 poignant moments that make each step to focusing on the present moment come to life.   A perfect way to understand the big picture of what it means to live in the present, feel comfortable in your own skin and get centered in mind, body, heart and soul. E-BOOK ONLY.