How Near and Far Stay Married! An e-book by John Kuypers

Near-Far Stay Married - Jesus-no-compromise-cover-smHow Near and Far Stay Married: Jesus’ No-Compromise Way to End Conflict is an e-booklet that heals power struggles in married life.  It offers Jesus’ powerful solution  to why opposites attract and then attack each other. No couple should be without this powerful, short principle.

Near and Far are two simple words that help couples resolve difficult conflicts and find peace in our most important relationships.  The pay-off in marriage is respect, peace and love.  Miracles happen as even the most broken relationships are healed. This e-booklet is anchored in the third stage of the Peace First spiritual journey. This is inner healing and transformation at the soul level.

The complete ebook can be downloaded from Amazon for use on any PC, tablet or phone, using the free Kindle app.